Are These The True Top 10 Beach Songs?

Carolina Beach Music, also known as simply “Beach Music,” is a unique genre that originated in the Carolinas in the 1940s and 1950s.

It is a fusion of R&B, blues, and rock and roll, with a distinct shag dancing beat.

Over the years, the style has evolved, but the essential elements remain the same: upbeat, danceable, and fun.

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In this blog post, we will explore the top ten songs of Carolina Beach Music, which are still popular today.

  1. “Under the Boardwalk” by The Drifters

“Under the Boardwalk” is a classic song that epitomizes the Carolina Beach Music genre.

Released in 1964, this song is about the joys of spending time on the boardwalk with your loved one.

The Drifters’ smooth vocals and the catchy beat make it an ideal song for shag dancing.

  1. “With This Ring” by The Platters

The Platters are one of the most popular vocal groups of all time, and “With This Ring” is a favorite among Beach Music fans.

This song is about the promise of everlasting love, and the upbeat tempo is perfect for shag dancing.

The Platters’ signature harmonies are on full display in this classic tune.

  1. “Carolina Girls” by Chairmen of the Board

“Carolina Girls” is an ode to the women of the Carolinas, and it has become an anthem for Beach Music fans.

Chairmen of the Board’s catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythm make this song a must-play at any Beach Music event.

  1. “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy” by The Tams

The Tams are one of the most iconic Beach Music bands of all time, and “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy” is one of their most popular songs.

This song is about living in the moment and enjoying life, which is a message that resonates with Beach Music fans of all ages.

  1. “Summertime’s Calling Me” by The Catalinas a Beach Music classic that captures the spirit of summer.
    The Catalinas’ smooth harmonies and the upbeat tempo make this song perfect for shag dancing, and it’s a favorite among Beach Music fans.
  1. “Myrtle Beach Days” by Fantastic Shakers

“Myrtle Beach Days” is a nostalgic tune that takes listeners back to the glory days of Myrtle Beach.

The Fantastic Shakers’ fun lyrics and catchy beat make this song a favorite among Beach Music fans.

  1. “Sixty Minute Man” by The Dominoes

“Sixty Minute Man” is a classic R&B song that has become a staple of the Beach Music genre.

This song is about a man who can satisfy his lover for an hour, and the Dominoes’ smooth vocals and upbeat rhythm make it perfect for shag dancing.

  1. “Miss Grace” by The Tymes

“Miss Grace” is a romantic ballad that has become a favorite among Beach Music fans.

The Tymes’ soulful vocals and the slow, romantic tempo make this song perfect for slow-dancing with your loved one.

  1. “I Love Beach Music” by The Embers

“I Love Beach Music” is an upbeat song that celebrates the Beach Music genre itself.

The Embers’ catchy lyrics and the upbeat rhythm make this song a favorite among Beach Music fans, and it’s often played as the last song of the night at Beach Music events.

  1. “Give Me Just a Little More Time” by Chairmen of the Board

“Give Me Just a Little More Time” is a classic Beach Music tune that has stood the test of time. Chairmen of the Board.

Many of these songs are performed by Jim Quick and Coastline band members- a group of pros dedicated to each show.

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