Carolina Beach Music, also known as simply “Beach Music,” is a unique genre that originated in the Carolinas in the 1940s and 1950s. It is a fusion of R&B, blues, and rock and roll, with a distinct shag dancing beat. Over the years, the style has evolved, but the essentialContinue Reading

Beach music is a kind of music that is famous in the Carolinas and Virginia. Beach music has a distinctive and joyous sound that takes the listener to a carefree summer paradise. Bringing you the best mix of Beach, Blues & Feel Good Variety, that’s Flip Flop Live Radio! StreamingContinue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About Carolina Beach Music From the danceable beats of Luis Fonsi’s Despacito to the funky rhythms of Bruno Mars’s That’s What I Like, there are plenty of classic songs that come to mind when you associate music with laid-back beaches and sunny shores. But there’sContinue Reading

Carolina Beach Music Yes it sounds a bit cliche to say this but…there’s something about beach music that makes you feel good. Maybe it’s the laid-back rhythms, the soulful vocals, or the memories it evokes of lazy summer days. Whatever the explanation, Carolina beach music is one of the mostContinue Reading

The Embers will be performing Saturday the 24th at the Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival. It’s a busy weekend of festivals, fairs and more around Eastern North Carolina. Check out the Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival, which returns for the first time since 2019. — WNCT (@wnct9) September 22,Continue Reading

When you want to hear a nice variety of beach music you can easily access it by finding a radio station. There are plenty of channels to choose from so let’s get started and find your favorite shagging tunes just like the old days. Beach Boogie and Blues is aContinue Reading

There were three big hit singles in 1969. all from this phenomenal band, Bill Deal and the Rhondels. Amazingly, they also had a single called Swinging Tight in December of that year. What happened to Bill Deal and The Rhondels? The band broke up in 1975 giving rise to FatContinue Reading

Catalinas Beach Band was formed in Charlotte in 1957. Later in 1970 Gary and Johnny Barker and a group of friends kept the tunes going and they became a regional hit. This band’s sound is a blend of classic soul and Carolina Beach. Catalinas are still touring and making musicContinue Reading

When you travel on vacation or need some on the beach songs do you always make a list of your perfect tunes? I would guess that you do make music a part of your travels. Of all the places I go, the beach is the one special location where IContinue Reading