Beach Bands- The Sound Of The Carolinas

Carolina and Virginia good time party bands

are popular among locals and tourists alike. The Band Of Oz is a well-known beach band that plays a mix of shagging music and rock.

They have been performing together for over 20 years and have a loyal following.

If you’re looking for some good timing music to enjoy on your next vacation, be sure to check out the Band Of Oz.

music combos by the sea

Carolina bands have been around for decades, playing at local clubs and bars. But who are these bands?

Where do they play?

There are manyTar Heel -Palmetto State- Virginia is for Lovers- beach bands, each with their own unique sound. Some of the more popular bands include

The Tams,

The Embers, and

Band of Oz.

These ocean drive style bands typically play at local clubs and bars, outdoor festivals, as well as private parties.

Carolina Beach Sounds

If you’re looking for a fun night out,

or just want to listen to some great music, be sure to check out a Carolina coastal band!

Let The Good Times Roll

The Castaways from the Durham, NC area have decades of experience entertaining.

Jim Quick and Coastline, The Main Event Band, and The Cat 5 Band all make musical memories for thousands of music lovers.

Here are just a few more

of the best myrtle beach days- good-timing-let’s-get-the-party started groups of musicians to pick up instruments and blow bang and sing in the Carolinas:

  • The Ginger Thompson Band,
  • The Entertainers,
  • The Swinging Medallions,

The Tams: This coastal Carolina style band has been around for decades, and is still going strong today. They play a mix of beach and soul, and always put on a great show.

The Embers: Another well-known beach band,

The Chairmen Of The Board- The late Norman Johnson of The Chairmen wrote and produced some of the biggest Beach Hits as well as popular classics.

Carolina Beach Music has been around for 60 years, and has gained a loyal following of fans. This type of music is perfect for summertime, and many bands have found success playing it.

bands that play beach music in the Carolinas and Virginia

There are many great Carolina beach music bands playing along the coast, each with their own unique sound.

Bill Deal and The Rhondells from Virginia are still playing even though some original members are no longer performing – The legend lives on- Check out this quick video about them.

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