Beach Music Radio Stations Near Me

When you want to hear a nice variety of beach music you can easily access it by finding a radio station.

There are plenty of channels to choose from so let’s get started and find your favorite shagging tunes just like the old days.

Beach Boogie and Blues is a favorite in Eastern North Carolina.  They play the best classic beach hits. They also feature dee jays including Craig Woolard of The Embers who know the many flavors of this special music.

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Listen Live Daily

You can go straight to the source with this link.

You can be listening in seconds to a variety of super songs that bring back memories. has a great chart that will help you find a station to tune to. 

In case you missed a few or need another selection this site will get you dancing quickly.

Sand Surf and Good Times

We’ve mentioned 94.9  the surf in Myrtle Beach before so let’s be sure you know this resource for great beach sounds. Non stop- 

The best of the beach is available wherever you may roam. There is always a supply of favorite tunes to take you back to a time when friends and family gathered for fun. 

FlipFlop live offers a list you’ll want to bookmark

Tradition and Dedication

Over the years, have kept this special Carolina Coastal music in the spotlight. You’ve come to the right place to find beach music radio stations near me.


beach music radio stations near me

Tune In AM and FM

The radio stations of the 1950’s and 60’s featured the fun and rollicking music. It has become what is now known as Carolina Beach.

Songs by the Drifters, Jerry Butler, Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions, and hundreds of others contributed to the shag style of today.

Groups like The Okaysions, The Embers, The Catalinas, and The Swinging Medallions, The Poor Souls, The Fantastic Shakers, picked up where ‘race music’ left off.

Hollywood Loves It Too

The motion picture ‘Dirty Dancing’- filmed largely in North Carolina near Lake Lure staring Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze used this early soul music extensively.

Radio played these songs which were often a means of rebellious expression for teenagers.

It Will Stand- A General Norman Johnson song became an anthem to the youth of the Western World. History was made when Motown and Stax and later Atlantic records joined the wave of music in demand by young people. Radio played a vital role in the distribution of this music as owning records was not always an option in those days.

Now The News

Audiences all over were glued to radios for news, weather, and a sense of community by way of music, request shows, and dedications.

The motion picture American Graffitti captures the warmth and angst of those formative years in both teenagers and America. The great Dj Wolfman Jack hosts a widely heard radio show shared by young people. He died at his home in Belvidere North Carolina and is buried there.

The Early Days

Of beach music has a similar evolution from blues, soul origins, later developed by local bands with a regional audience base.

Todays shag music is born from those early influences and has expanded to serve as a shared soundtrack of good times from days gone by as well as currently shared events.