Emerald Isle Beach Music

The Embers will be performing Saturday the 24th at the Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival.

( from conversation)

It’s coming up Saturday. We’re very close to it.

This will be at the Western Ocean Regional access and your beach chairs, blankets and sunscreen to Emerald Isle.

Enjoy Excellent Bands

This year Too Much Sylvia, Chairman of the Board, The Embers Tams all playing.

Please know the event schedule has been updated. So if you’ve seen a web report or some other report, may have seen it here on beach music Now, another beach music website that has been updated.

So, you know your mileage may vary depending on that particular schedule that you’ve seen, but that is the lineup as of late let’s see 1030 to 11 30 Too Much Sylvia will be on. Then next is Chairman of the Board after them The Embers and at 230 to about 345 will be the Tam’s. MC Sammy O’Bannon.

Food Folks and Fun

they’re gonna have food trucks alcohol is allowed in areas and it’s gonna be a great big time for everybody

at the Western let me see here I’m gonna get this right western ocean regional access, got restrooms, things like that there and liquor will be prohibited in certain areas as well as beer and wine but there will be out in other areas. It’s all at this years Emerald Isle Beach Music festival.

So, but looking forward to a great big time for the Emerald Isle beach music festival back after the pandemic.

Salt Life Is Spoken Here

Everybody’s very excited to be back in the swing of things and as a result this will be one of the last outdoor events for this year.

The weather getting a little bit cooler.

Emerald Isle Beach Music

It’s been a great Summer of fun and great events. They have been a blast. The weather is changing. This will be one of the final outdoor get togethers featuring shag music. beach music now is very proud to support beach music here in the Carolinas.

Here are the official guidelines for the Festival.

Tents or umbrellas are not permitted within 100 feet of the stage.

Beer and wine is permitted on the beach strand only (21+ years of age) but is prohibited in all areas of the Western Ocean Regional Access.

including the restrooms,

volleyball courts,

parking areas, etc.

Liquor is prohibited.

No beer or wine will be sold on-site.

Parking will be permitted along the grassy Highway 58 right-of-way.

Handicapped parking will be available at the Western Ocean Regional Access. 

Call 252-354-6350 for more details.