Spring Time First Look At Summer and The Beach Goes On!

With Springtime comes, you guessed it – Summer just around the corner and that means- Shagging Music will be back in full swing.

All the great Beach Music Bands- The Embers, The Band Of Oz, Jim Quick and Coastline, Too Much Sylvia.

The Entertainers, The Swinging Medallions, The Main Event Band, The Castaways.

The Catalinas, and the award winning Cat 5 Band pulling in the fans like a net on a school of fish.

Beach Music has developed a following like no other genre of music. In The 70’s Bill Deal and The Rhondels attracted party people in to The Peppermint Lounge in Virginia Beach by the thousands.

The Main Even Band- Sharon is superb, as a result she has been
nominated for CBMA awards!

The Band’s world wide hits helped put this special style of music on the map and keep it there.

Forty years later the songs are revered and played by beach bands up and down the Carolina Coast.

Of course Virginia Beach still throbs to the fast paced galloping beat of those powerful hits.

I’ve Been Hurt, May I, and a long list of other songs blasted on radios. The Fat Ammons Band led by Ammon Tharp was born out of the same cloth and maintains a place in Beach Legacy.

The Tams out of Georgia are a non stop force in this genre called shag music .

The Chairmen are real pros, always with a deep bow to General Norman Johnson. It Will Stand.

Chocolate Chip and Company lay down the Beach Beat in The Carolinas and North Myrtle Beach radio stations.