The Embers Beach Band -Five Facts about one of The Carolina’s finest!

Beach Music Now!

Check out the video and listen to the story of The Embers. They are one of the best Beach Bands anywhere.

This group has entertained royalty. Plus, the hottest frat and sorority parties at the best colleges and universities. Good times.

The Embers have been playing Beach and Soul Classics for decades. Today the band itself is considered a classic – like the music!

Over the years the Embers have created a legacy that few others can rival. And the shag music goes on. 

Their many albums and record releases cover decades of musical styles.

The early days of 50’s race songs on into Motown, classic soul, and popular beach music.

The Embers were inducted into the South Carolina Rhythm and Blues Hall Of Fame as well as the South Carolina Beach Music Hall Of Fame. The band is well known as North Carolina’s Official Ambassadors of Music.

As a traveling band performing in venues all over the Carolinas. They often perform at North Myrtle Beach live music venues. Plus, Virginia, Georgia, Florida cruise ships, and even other countries.

The Embers have a long history of being on the road.

The band has performed for dignitaries as well as backyard parties. In Stadiums and from porches and decks.

The Embers Christmas Special toured South Korea to entertain American Military service members in December 2007 and again the following year. 

Music on main North Myrtle Beach

This group has influenced Beach Music as much as any band.

The Embers are widely known for their soulful dance style shagging music. Let the good times roll.

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