Beach Boogie and Shag Music radio.

Myrtle Beach radio stations have played a major role in the lasting legacy of The Carolinas and Virginia’s favorite good time music!

A radio station in Myrtle Beach is a beacon of power blasting the sounds of this special music all over the area.

Don’t Touch That Dial

94.9 The Surf also keeps the fun popping with hit after hit. Summer comes alive in Horry County, South Carolina as the tunes roll out year after year.

The top ten Beach Songs according to the radio station that should know –

All Time Beach Music Top 40 94.9 The Surf FM radio

Most of the amazing bands play these songs.

Shag dancing to these time tested tunes is almost effortless. These songs have their roots in classic soul. The inspiration of good time music that goes back to the 1940’s and 50’s. Beach Music also known as shagging music is just as relevant now. Let the good times roll.

Beach Music From Myrtle to Virginia.