The Carolina Beach Music Awards

The Carolina Beach Music Awards (CBMA) annually enliven the Carolina coasts with the sounds of music, rhythm, and hot beats.

It’s an eagerly awaited celebration of the best beach music.

It brings together artists, fans, and beachgoers from all over the world.

The CBMA has become a treasured institution that embodies the soul of the Carolina coastline, with its colorful ambiance, shag dancing sounds, and beach-themed celebrations.

The Birth of the CBMA

The Carolina Beach Music Awards, also called Cammys (short for Carolina’s Magic Music Years), were created in 1995 to honor the rich history of beach music, a style that was born in the Carolinas’ coastal areas.

Carolina Beach Music Awards

Beach music rapidly acquired popularity! It was associated with the carefree beach lifestyle.

It is distinguished by its blend of rhythm and blues, soul, and pop elements.

The Carolina Beach Music Awards, which capture the spirit of this Southern custom and preserves its authenticity, have genuinely emerged as icons of beach music culture.

It’s a celebration that perfectly captures the distinctive Carolina way of life. Upbeat rhythms, soulful singing, and a steadfast feeling of community is enjoyed by both spectators and performers.

In order to really experience the beauty of these awards, where the heartbeat of beach music comes alive in all its grandeur, get ready to tap your toes, swing your hips, and move.

A Night to Remember

A night of glamor, glam, and celebration known as the CBMA is hosted at several locations along the Carolina coast.

Attendees dress to impress in beach-inspired outfits that range from chic sundresses and seashell jewelry to Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops. The occasion offers an opportunity to socialize, dance, and make priceless memories in addition to the awards ceremony.


The purpose of the CBMA is to celebrate and commemorate Carolina Beach Music, paying homage to the genre’s founders and honoring individuals whose efforts have contributed to the development of the genre.

The awards ceremony, held annually in November at North Myrtle Beach, SC, honors people who have contributed significantly to the preservation and development of this cherished musical style.

These people include musicians, producers, engineers, promoters, and others.

Also, the CBMA works to preserve beach music by involving the next generation, raising awareness, and encouraging a feeling of harmony and joy via its songs.

Categories and Winners

The CBMA offers many categories to recognize the brilliant musicians, bands, DJs, and business leaders that support the beach music scene.

Every category, from “Male and Female Vocalist of the Year” to “Group of the Year” and “Album of the Year,” honors the extraordinary performers that keep the rhythm alive.

Here are some recent victories from CBMA 2023 worth noting:

  1. Entertainer of the Year: Craig Woolard
  2. Group of the Year: The Embers ft. Craig Woolard
  3. Solo Album of the Year: “YBF” by Terri Gore
  4. Song of the Year: “Tequila on Ice” by Wayne Free
  5. Female Vocalist of the Year: Karen Clayton
  6. Male Vocalist of the Year: Chuck French
  7. Compilation Album of the Year: “Another Day on The Ocean Drive” by KHP Music
  8. Event of the Year: Ocean Drive Beach Music Festival, North Myrtle Beach, SC
  9. Group Album of the Year: “Coolin’ Out” by Band of Oz
  10. Rising Star: The Pink Slips

Along with several other winners, these individuals have made an enduring impression on the beach music scene by thrilling crowds with amazing performances and contagious enthusiasm.

Beyond the Awards

The CBMA is more than merely a presentation of prizes. This weekend-long festival features a wide range of beach-themed activities, such as performances by DJs, dance parties, and shag dance contests.

Beach music culture isn’t complete without the famous partner dance known as “shag dancing,” which has its roots in the Carolinas.

It ups the excitement factor in the celebrations.

Attendees may also catch live performances by well-known beach music performers, established and up-and-coming, throughout the weekend. These performances evoke feelings of unbridled delight and nostalgia by taking spectators back to the heyday of beach music.

The Future of Beach Music

The Carolina Beach Music Awards significantly contribute to the preservation of beach music’s past and the advancement of its present. This prestigious occasion not only pays tribute to the pioneers and stars of the field, but also gives up-and-coming musicians a platform to display their skills in front of a large audience.

These upcoming artists may engage with the active beach music community through the CAMMYS, which promotes cooperation and innovation.

The CBMA keeps gaining momentum and enticing more fans to the genre with each passing year.

The awards presentation highlights the up-and-coming beach music artists, displaying their distinctive sounds and abilities to a larger audience.

These performers, devoted listeners, and the persistent spirit of the Carolina Beach Music Awards hold the key to the future of beach music.

Through their work, the genre will develop further,. This will bring in new inspirations while maintaining its original characteristics.

The future of beach music is bright, alive, and full of spirit. Thanks to a thriving community that values tradition and innovation.

Future’s So Bright

We impatiently anticipate the next installment in the history of beach music. Let the waves of anticipation begin to flow in.

For artists and audience members, the Carolina Beach Music Awards will continue to stand for happiness, inspiration, and harmony.

Together, we can make sure that beach music’s attraction remains a priceless element of coastal culture that will resonate with joy and peace for years to come.

Wrapping It All Up

The Carolina Beach Music Awards honor the vivacious and contagious beat that permeates the sandy coasts of the Carolinas.

This festival has evolved into a crucial component of the beach music scene, honoring great musicians and bands and offering a weekend of beach-themed entertainment.

Beach music brings happiness, dancing, and memories to those who embrace its carefree attitude. The CBMA not only pays tribute to the past but also guarantees that it thrives in the present.

Get set for a night of music that will knock you off your feet by grabbing your beach garb, putting on your dancing shoes, and joining the celebrations at the Carolina Beach Music Awards!

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